About Us

Hi Beautiful Humans,
Welcome to my store!  I hope you love my products as much as I love creating and curating them.     
I absolutely believe in the healing power of crystals and I find that most mental, physical and emotional ailments can be at least eased with their use.  I encourage you to take note of how you feel around your crystals.  Work with and set intentions with them; you can ask your crystals to help you with specific elements of life.  Often you will be drawn to a crystal but not understand why.  Rest assured, the reason will come.  In the meantime, admire the beauty of nature’s creation, for she is profoundly clever!
How did this business come about?
With 3 young kids, life is challenging but never dull.  When I reflect upon my life, I note that I have always fallen back on crystals to help me through when things became difficult.   Raising children is a tough gig; crystals have helped restore the balance.
Now with a young family of grabby-hands children, there were too many broken necklaces and bracelets to count.  I had reached a point where jewellery was not an option.  I also needed to get my hair up out of reach from my youngest as I  feared she would pull it all out!
I made a connection, crystals in my hair.  Enter my very first product, the crystal encrusted hair comb!  Turquoise perfection, a magnificent flash of vibrant colour against my dark hair, keeping everything tidy, out of reach and radiating calm vibes in a crowning glory!   Beyond happy, I wanted to share this with everyone, it was too beautiful to keep to myself!
I booked myself into a local Mornington Peninsula craft market and borrowed a marquee.  My hobby had become a small business, eeek!  And here we are today!
My whole working life to this point had been a corporate haze of meetings, deadlines and large egos.  Finding a way to work whilst doing something I love and am passionate about is SO refreshing, in so many ways this has been a “life-changer”.  I am now engaged in a type of work which is more creative, genuine and boundless.  This is my authenticity; this is my creative element.
Thank-you so much for taking the time to visit my store, I am truly grateful.  I hope you find something to treasure, or to be treasured by someone you love. 
Love and light,
P.S. Life is still noisy, life is still busy, but life is pretty awesome.